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Rejoignez plus de 300 millions d'utilisateurs PayPal

 Depuis plus de 20 ans, utilisation d'une protection antifraude, de la surveillance 24h/24 et 7j/7 et de la technologie de cryptage une priorité absolue. Pour que vous puissiez leur faire confiance, les yeux fermés.

Avantages sécurisés de PayPal: Services

Les bonnes raisons d'ouvrir un compte PayPal.

La sécurité avant tout

Payez vos achats en ligne avec votre adresse email et votre mot de passe PayPal. Nous utilisons des méthodes de cryptage avancées pour protéger vos coordonnées bancaires. Tous vos achats éligibles peuvent également être couverts par la Protection des Achats, sous certaines conditions.

En savoir plus

Pas de frais cachés

L'ouverture d'un compte est gratuite et aucuns frais ne vous seront facturés pour vos achats effectués avec PayPal, sauf en cas de conversion de devise. Nous prélevons une faible commission pour certains services, comme par exemple pour l'envoi d'argent en dehors de la Suisse.

Nos tarifs en détail

What is the benefit of paying with PayPal?

1 - Choose PayPal as your payment method when purchasing on our website.

2 - The payment in 4x will be displayed if it is available, select it.

3 - Your request is verified online in a few seconds.

4 - Finalize your payment.


PayPal Buyer Protection Program

You can take advantage of the PayPal Buyer Protection program for your qualifying purchases if you do not receive those purchases or if they do not match their description.

* Subject to acceptance by PayPal and subject to conditions . Financing offer with compulsory contribution and reserved for individuals.

To be eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Have a valid PayPal account

  • Pay for the qualifying item from your PayPal account

  • Try to contact the seller to resolve the issue directly with them before reporting a dispute about a PayPal Buyer Protection claim through the Dispute Manager

  • Respond to PayPal's request for documentation and other information on time

  • Report a dispute in the Dispute Manager within 180 days of the date you sent the payment, then follow our online dispute resolution process

  • Not having received a refund or accepted an alternative solution for your purchase from another source

Take advantage of the payment in 4X free of charge

Soft and flexible

Immediate response in seconds online

Your purchases can be easily paid in 4 installments over 3 months. You can view and manage your due dates from your PayPal app. An early repayment is possible at any time and without supplement.
Your request is verified in real time for a response within seconds.


What is a PayPal account?

A PayPal account is a digital account that allows you to send money to relatives, or pay businesses without them having access to banking information. PayPal can be used either through its website or through its application, and allows you to benefit from increased security thanks to its systems for protecting buyers and encrypting transactions.


If you have a problem with PayPal,

it is advisable to open a dispute using the Dispute Manager. This allows you to report a problem by selecting the number of the transaction to be contested and detailing the problem encountered. The problem is then analyzed by the PayPal team, which decides whether or not to issue a refund.

Why can't I pay with PayPal?

The reasons that may explain the inability to pay by PayPal are numerous: insufficient funds, unverified PayPal account, unconfirmed email address, expired bank card ... In all cases, PayPal clearly explains the problem encountered.

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